Trendyol Shipment Providers List

Trendyol Shipment Providers List

createProduct V2 cargoCompany information to be sent to createProduct V2 service will be received using this service.

The shipping companies you send when you send the product should not be different from the shipping company you have approved in your Trendyol agreement. This will prevent your products from being published.

  • GET getProviders

Sample Response

        "id": 6,
        "name": "Horoz Kargo Marketplace",
        "code": "HOROZMP",
        "taxNumber": "4630097122"
        "id": 7,
        "name": "Aras Kargo Marketplace",
        "code": "ARASMP",
        "taxNumber": "0720039666"
        "id": 8,
        "name": "Yurtiçi Kargo International",
        "code": "INTYK",
        "taxNumber": "9860008925"