Update Products (updateProducts)


With this method, you can update the products you have created with the createProduct service in your Trendyol store.

Information will effect on live after Trendyol team approve your update request.

Only the information of the product is updated via this service. Stock and price values will not be updated.

New category and category property values can be added, we recommend that you check with the relevant services whether the category and category property values you use are up to date before your product updates.

The status will be "İçerik Kontrol Bekleniyor" after update request. Your products may be open for sale. In cases where you do not want to receive orders, you need to update your stock and price information.

The maximum number of items that can be sent in each request is 1,000.

  • PUT updateProducts


    "items": [
            "barcode": "barkod-1234",
            "title": "Bebek Takımı Pamuk",
            "productMainId": "1234BT",
            "brandId": 1791,
            "categoryId": 411,
            "stockCode": "STK-123",
            "dimensionalWeight": 12,
            "description": "Ürün açıklama bilgisi",
            "vatRate": 0,
            "images": [
                    "url": "https://www.sampleadress/path/folder/image_1.jpg"
            "attributes": [
                    "attributeId": 338,
                    "attributeValueId": 6980
                    "attributeId": 343,
                    "attributeValueId": 4294
                    "attributeId": 47,
                    "customAttributeValue": "COLOUR"
            "cargoCompanyId": 10,
            "shipmentAddressId": 0,
            "returningAddressId": 0

Parameters Description

*Bold parameteres are required.

Parameter Description DataType
barcode Product Barcode string
title Product Title string
productMainId Main Product ID string
brandId Trendyol Brand ID information. You can get Brands from here . integer
categoryId Trendyol Category ID information. You can get Categories from here . integer
quantity Stock Amount string
stockCode Seller own stock code string
dimensionalWeight Product dimension on Desi integer
description Product description. HTML - string
currencyType Product Price currency. string
listprice Product List price - PSF number
saleprice Product Sale price - TSF number
cargoCompanyId Trendyol available Shipment Company list integer
images. Product image addresses List
vatRate Product tax rate e.g. 0,1,8,18 integer
shipmentAddressId Products's shipment warehouse ID - integer
returnAddressId Product's return warehouse ID integer
attributes Attributes of the product (Spesification/Attribute) . You can get Category Attributes from here . List