Product Filtering (filterProducts)

Checking Forwarded Products

Fetch Approved Products

Products will be transmitted to Trendyol system first with this method. It supports single and multiple product submission.

  • GET filterProducts{supplierId}/products?approved=true


Parameter Explanation Type
approved The product is used for approved or unapproved control,Must be true for approved products boolean
barcode Unique barcode must be sent for inquiry string
startDate It fetches the next products from a specific date-Timestamp. long
endDate Bring a previous date from a specific date - Timestamp. long
page Only return information on the specified page int
dateQueryType Date date filter can work on CREATED DATE or LAST_MODIFIED_DATE string
size Specifies the maximum number to list on a page. int
supplierId ID information of the relevant supplier should be sent long

Sample Service Response

    "totalElements": 30,
    "totalPages": 2,
    "page": 0,
    "size": 10,
    "content": [
            "id": "000741dbafd0790b3d41cd5cbf575eb5",
            "approved": true,
            "productCode": 13622639,
            "batchRequestId": "a8529b65-27c1-494a-a01c-a791d6a9b135-1529674360",
            "supplierId": 1234567,
            "createDateTime": 1525583690416,
            "lastUpdateDate": 1529587960412,
            "gender": "M",
            "brand": "EVEREST",
            "barcode": "999999999",
            "title": "Everest Pseb240 240-200 Motorlu Projeksiyon Perdes",
            "categoryName": "Görüntü Sistemleri Aksesuarları",
            "productMainId": "PRO M.PRD 240-200 E",
            "description": "Everest PSEB240 240-200 Motorlu Projeksiyon Perdes",
            "stockUnitType": "Adet",
            "quantity": 6,
            "listPrice": 1335.65,
            "salePrice": 1293.21,
            "vatRate": 18,
            "dimensionalWeight": 0,
            "stockCode": "0099000",
            "images": [
                    "url": ""
            "attributes": [],
            "variantAttributes": [
                    "attributeName": "Renk",
                    "attributeValue": "Karışık, Çok Renkli"
            "platformListingId": "9876563563cc11231241",
            "stockId": "523e210e0e3072e307a287c429881f5c",
            "color": "Karışık, Çok Renkli"