Stock and Price Update (updatePriceAndInventory)

Product Stock And Price Update

The price and stock information of the products transferred and approved to Trendyol can be updated at the same time.

  • POST updatePriceAndInventory{supplierid}/products/price-and-inventory

Sample Service Request

  "items": [
      "barcode": "8680000000",
      "quantity": 100,
      "salePrice": 112.85,
      "listPrice": 113.85

Sample Service Response

    "batchRequestId": "fa75dfd5-6ce6-4730-a09e-97563500000-1529854840"

If you send the same request again without making any changes in the request body in the stock-price update process, an error message will be returned to you. You will see the error message "15 dakika boyunca aynı isteği tekrarlı olarak atamazsınız!". You just need to fix your systems so that you can send only your changing stock-prices.

The stock you submit in the Quantity field is the salable stock information. Sellable stock information is updated when an order is received or restocked by you.

You can update a maximum of 100 items (sku) in stock-price update transactions.

You should check the status of your transactions using this method via getBatchRequestResult.