Getting Customer Questions

Getting Customer Questions

You can take all the questions asked by customers on Trendyol through this service.

  • GET questionsFilter{supplierId}/questions/filter

NOT : If you make a request with the above endpoint without giving any date parameters, your questions in the last week will be shown to you. If you add the startDate and endDate parameters, the maximum interval will be two weeks.

  • Recommended Endpoint{supplierId}/questions/filter?startDate={startDate}&endDate={endDate}&status=WAITING_FOR_ANSWER

The areas highlighted in bold should be sent on request as a mandatory field.

Parameters Parameters Value Explanation Type
barcode Product Barcode long
page Only return information on the specified page int
size Specifies the maximum number to list on a page. int
supplierId ID information of the relevant supplier should be sent long
startDate It fetches the next orders from a specific date. Must be sent as Timestamp long
endDate It fetches orders up to the specified date. Must be sent as Timestamp. long
status WAITING_FOR_ANSWER, WAITING_FOR_APPROVE, ANSWERED, REPORTED, REJECTED Fetchs the information according to the status of questions. string
orderByField PackageLastModifiedDate Based on the last update date. string
orderByField CreatedDate Based on the order creation date. string
orderByDirection ASC Sorts from old to new. string
orderByDirection DESC Sorts from new to old. string

Sample Service Response

  "content": [
      "answer": {
        "creationDate": 0,
        "hasPrivateInfo": true,
        "id": 0,
        "reason": "string", 
        "text": "string"
      "answeredDateMessage": "string",
      "creationDate": 0,
      "customerId": 0,
      "id": 0, 
      "imageUrl": "string",
      "productName": "string",
      "public": true,
      "reason": "string",
      "rejectedAnswer": {
        "creationDate": 0,
        "id": 0,
        "reason": "string",
        "text": "string"
      "rejectedDate": 0,
      "reportReason": "string",
      "reportedDate": 0,
      "showUserName": true,
      "status": "string",
      "text": "string",
      "userName": "string",
      "webUrl": "string"
  "page": 10,
  "size": 2,
  "totalElements": 864,
  "totalPages": 432

  • GET questionsFilterById{supplierId}/questions/{id}

With the id value of the question returned from the service above, you can pull the questions individually and take action.

Field Explanation
customerId The registered id value of the customer on
answeredDateMessage It is the time to answer the question.
creationDate The date the customer asked the question on
imageUrl The image link of the product asked for the question.
productName The product name asked for the question.
public Indicates whether the question will be published
reason The return value if the question is rejected.
rejectedAnswer Details of the last rejected answer to the question.
rejectedDate The date when the problem is rejected.
reportReason The description of the seller when reporting the question. This process is done only from Trendyol Seller Panel.
reportedDate The date the seller reported the question.
showUserName It is the parameter that transmits whether the customer's name appears on or not.
status The status of the question.
text It is the text of the question asked by the customer.
userName The name of customer.