Shipping Code Update (updateTrackingNumber)

Shipping Code Update

The product that the supplier sent from Yurtiçi Cargo/UPS Cargo through its own contract, Trendyol system.

When this method is called for any package, it is no longer available via Trendyol's Yurtiçi Cargo deal package, not the case of the sender's contract made through his contract created and shipped, Delivered, Undeliverable information is collected and tracked through integration It is.

NOTE: This can only be used for Yurtiçi Cargo and UPS Cargo packages, and shipping codes can not be used for packages that have been issued or delivered.

NOTE 2: If a package notification that a cargo number has been updated is made, a new package and cargo code will be generated, and the new cargo code will be updated again via the integration

If the package you are trying to feed the cargo tracking number has the status canceled, shipped, delivered, or if the related package has been fed with a tracking code before, you will receive an error "Shipment Update Edilebilir Bir Durumda Değil.".

  • PUT updateTrackingNumber{supplierId}/{shipmentPackageId}/update-tracking-number

Sample Service Request

  "trackingNumber": "string"

Sample Service Response

HTTP 200