Shipping Code Update (updateTrackingNumber)

Updating Shipping Code

The product that the supplier sent from Yurtiçi Cargo/UPS Cargo through its own contract, Trendyol system.

When this method is called for any package, it is now not through Trendyol's agreement but The status of the shipment made by the supplier on its own agreement. The status of the shipment starts to be questioned and shipped, Delivered information is received and tracked through the integration.

Sellers working with Yurtiçi Kargo seller pays model are required to use Trendyol cargo codes as of June 27, 2022. Tracking code feeding should not be done. The "cargoTrackingNumber" returning from the get shipment packages service should be used. The system will be live on June 27, 2022, however both methods can be used until july 31, 2022. After July 31, you need to make improvements to deal with the cargo tracking codes returned from the order service.

Updating Shipping Code service should be used just ones

If an order has been cancelled, Get Shipment Packages service must be used and the Updating Shipping Code must be made to the current package number.

If the package you are trying to feed with the cargo tracking number is in the status of cancelled, shipped, delivered or if the tracking code has been fed to the relevant package before, you will receive the error "Shipment Update Edilebilir Bir Durumda Değil.".

I will work with my own shipping prices I will work with Trendyol Contracted Cargo Prices
Trendyol Cargo Code Must Be Used Seller Shipping Code Must Be Used Trendyol Cargo Code Must Be Used
MNG Kargo Yurtiçi Kargo (Trendyol codes will be used on June 27, 2022.) Aras Kargo
Sürat Kargo UPS Kargo Horoz Lojistik
Horoz Lojistik Aras Kargo MNG Kargo
PTT Kargo Sürat Kargo
Yurtiçi Kargo
PTT Kargo

IMPORTANT NOTE: The shipping code cannot be used for packages with the status of shipped, delivered.

IMPORTANT NOTE2: If a notification of unsupplied is made to a package whose cargo number has been updated, a new package and cargo code will be created, so it is expected that the cargo code of the new package will be updated again through the integration.

IMPORTANT NOTE3: If you are working with Yurtiçi Kargo, the courier code you have forwarded must be processed by YK. Otherwise, you may get an "invalid tracking number"(400 Bad Request) error.

  • PUT updateTrackingNumber{supplierId}/{shipmentPackageId}/update-tracking-number

Sample Service Request

  "trackingNumber": "string"

Sample Service Response

HTTP 200