Barcode Request (createCommonLabel)

Barcode Request

The common label process can be used for TEX, Aras Kargo and UPS by supplier paid cargo model.

With this service, you can request a barcode for the relevant cargo number for orders in the common label process. After the barcode is created, it will return to you from the service in ZPL format.

It is recommended to make the barcode request after picking or feeding invoiced status to the relevant order package.

  • POST createCommonLabel{supplierId}/common-label/{cargoTrackingNumber}?format=ZPL

For this service, if the request body is blank, the boxQuantity (number of parcels) is accepted as one (1). If the quantity is sent, a separate label is returned for each package.

  "boxQuantity": 0

Post request is enough for TEX and UPS. You do not need to send any JSON body.

Currently only the ZPL format is available.