International Cross Dock Api Usage

Trendyol provides a B2B API to partner platform, which feeds all available Trendyol Collection options’ product information and livestock data. Trendyol expects partner to go live with the products.

Once a customer places order, integrated platform will be sending order requests to Trendyol system one by one and Trendyol will reserve the items accordingly.

Trendyol and the partner platform aligns on either a cut off timeline (e.g 4pm) or cut off product quantity. Based on the aligned cut off, orders will be consolidated as one batch, later; Trendyol’s operations team will finalize the pick & pack and providing shipping details to the Trendyol’s international global platforms team.

Trendyol global platforms team arranges the export docs and shipment process with partner platform’s forwarder and releasing the items by next morning. (Order to shipment - 19 hours circle in total)

Partner platform clears the items from customs, converting bulk order into B2C parcels and shipping to end users locally from their own warehouse.

Environment Information
  • Stage environment webservice address:

  • Production environment webservice address:


Basic authentication method is used for authentication of API. Each request has to be include Header information with Auth. Important note: username and password will be given by Trendyol for both stage and production environment before start to using the web services.


The Trendyol B2BbuyerGateway API gives you access to get defined product informations, stock status and image informations and also let you to give purchases request individually.

  1. Trendyol Product Informations (GET /v1_1/offers)
  2. Product Stock Status Information (GET /v2/offers/{buyercode}/stock-status)
  3. Product Image List (GET /v2/products/{modelNo}/images)
  4. Item Purchase Request (POST /v2/offers/{buyerCode}/items)
  5. Purchase & B2B Package Relation Information (GET /v2/offers/{requestNumber}/B2Bs)
  6. Canceling Items from Gıven Request (POST /v2/offers/{requestNumber}/cancel-items)
  7. Rating Details of Products (GET /v2/products/{barcode}/rating)