Create A Return Request (createClaim)

Create A Return Request

You can use it to create return request packages for order packages that arrive without a return code. After creating a package with this service, you can get the return packages with the Picking Returned Orders

NOT: The refund request you will create will be created in the status of "Created". You can use the "createClaim" service only for return requests you will "approve."

  • POST createClaim{supplierId}/claims/create

  "claimItems": [
      "barcode": "string",
      "customerNote": "string", 
      "quantity": 0,
      "reasonId": 401
  "customerId": 0,
  "excludeListing": true,
  "forcePackageCreation": true,
  "orderNumber": "string",
  "shipmentCompanyId": 0

Sample Service Response

    "claimId": "string",
    "cargoTrackingNumber": 733xxxxxxx,
    "claimItemIds": [
Field Name Details
barcode It is the barcode information of the product in the order.
customerNote It is the field written by customers. If you wish, you can feed this field with a text such as "Return without return code".
quantity It is the quantity information of the product you want to create a return request.
reasonId These are the reasons for return selected by customers on You can feed this id value as "I give up" with 401 id value for now.
customerId It is the id value of the customer who take the order on Trendyol.
orderNumber The number of the order.
shipmentCompanyId You can use the id value of the cargo company you have worked with.