Getting Started


What is Trendyol API Integration ?

Trendyol API Integration allows companies participating in the Trendyol Partner Program (Marketplace) to connect Trendyol stores to their e-commerce systems through Trendyol API services, allowing them to perform many transactions such as product transfer, stock and price updates, order transactions, invoice delivery, customer questions.

API Security (Authorization)

Basic auth will be used for authorization.

You can access your API user information required for Basic auth from the "Entegrasyon Bilgileri" heading in the "Hesap Bilgilerim" menu on your seller panel.

As of January 1, 2021, it is obligatory to have Auth and User-Agent information in the Header for all requests made to the Trendyol Partner API.

If working with an intermediary company as User-Agent information, "Seller Id - {Integration Company Name}", if the integration software belongs to the company, "Seller Id - Self Integration" should be sent.

For example: "12345 - TrendyolMarketplace" or "12345 - SelfIntegration"

Requests for which User-Agent information is not sent will be blocked in a way that returns a 403 error.


The IP information to be used to access the test environment should be reported to Trendyol. More than one IP definition can be made, the defined IPs can be updated if notified later.

Your test environment account and API information is completely different from your prod environment information.

Test environment endpoint information:


No IP authorization is required in the live environment.

You can access your Seller ID and API Key information on Trendyol Seller Panel by clicking "Mağaza Adınız" > "Hesap Bilgilerim" Information menu at the top right.

Prod environment endpoint information:

NOTE: If your internet service provider is abroad, you need to reach us by opening a notification on the Partner Support screen when you receive a Timeout error.

Trendyol API Services Request Limitation

For all requests you make to the Trendyol Partner API, you can get a maximum of 50 requests within 10 seconds to the same endpoint. 51. When you try the request, you will get the error "429 status code and it say too.many.requests".